We are proud to announce that we now provide state-of-the-art aquatic therapy. Our Hydroworx 200 has been designed to reduce pain, improve range of motion and enhance rehabilitation outcomes. ​​

The functional design of our Hydroworx 200 Series had all the features required for effective therapy, rehabilitation and fitness including underwater treadmill, variable water depth, resistance jets and deep tissue massage. And now it is available for you!
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Faster post-surgical rehabilitation

Reduced inflammation

Increased joint range of motion

Pain relief

Enhanced mobility

Improved muscle strength and flexibility

Improved balance

Effective cardiovascular training without wear and tear on joints

Weightless environment, pain free way to exercise
Aquatic therapy helps patients and athletes start rehabilitation much sooner because water provides a non-weight bearing environment.

The HydroWorx 200 has many distinct features that set it apart from standard therapy pools:

  • Adjustable floor from 0’ to 6’ for easy patient access
  • Adjustable and variable water depths and temperature
  • Variable speed underwater treadmill
  • Large treatment area of 8’ x 12’ that can accommodate 4 to 6 people
  • Resistance jets, underwater cameras and monitoring system
  • Therapeutic massage hose
  • Safety handrails/ removable support bars

The HydroWorx opens a world of possibilities to patients who are unable to do traditional, land-based therapy. The buoyancy of the water supports the body and reduces body weight. It provides low or no impact resistance that helps patients improve mobility, strength and function more rapidly than with traditional therapy alone.


Orthopedic and post-surgical rehabilitation

Arthritis and Chronic pain

Back and spine conditions

Neck, shoulder, low back, knee and ankle injuries

Neurological conditions

Sports medicine and performance

Cardiac conditions

Documented studies show that hydrotherapy promotes faster recovery from surgery or injury, is an effective treatment for osteoarthritis, enhances strength and lean mass gains when combined with resistance training, improves flexibility and reduces muscle and joint pain in middle-aged and older adults with orthopedic limitations and discomfort, and more.

Come see for yourself how Active Life Physical Thearpy's HydroWorx Aquatic Therapy Pool uses the power of water to bring the most advanced aquatic therapy to you, right here in McKinney, Texas.

To learn more or schedule your aquatic therapy contact Active Life Physical Therapy, TX at (972)-984-7670.
  1. 5 reasons why Aquatic Therapy will change the way you think about rehabilitation:

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    An exercise solution for all levels of weight bearing.

    As a non or partial weight-bearing patient, having a way to move and safely begin rehabilitation can do amazing things for your body and emotional well being. The bouyancy of water eliminates up to 90% of a person's body weight, allowing you to safely begin therapeutic exercises shortly after injury without fear of falling or re-injury.
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    Unbelievable rejuvenation and recovery capabilities

    Research shows when you exercise on an underwater treadmill, you will experience a significant decrease in muscle soreness compared to those who exercise only on a land treadmill. An additional research study from the University of Wisconsin showed improved flexibility and sleep patterns for those who exercised on underwater treadmills.

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    Lean muscle mass and overall leg strength is improved with underwater treadmill exercise.

    ​When comparing exercising on land to aquatic-based exercise, a research study conducted at Texas A&M University demonstrates that exercising on an underwater treadmill yields greater results in building lean muscle mass. The added resistance from the water and resistancetherapy jets makes underwater treadmill exercise more challenging for your leg muscles.

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    Pain is greatly reduced when exercising in warm water

    When you are bearing less body weight, the stress on your legs and joints is greatly diminished. Additionally, the warm water acts as an aid for sore, swollen or injured joints and muscles, resulting in less pain and increased range of motion.

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    Begin rehab sooner in the water than on land to reduce inflammation and accelerate rehabilitation.

    The ability to reduce your weight-bearing status in the water allows you to begin rehab exercises sooner than land-based exercises; thus speeding up recovery and minimizing the loss of range of motion on the injured joint. The hydrostatic pressure of water also naturally decreses inflammation to increase circulation.