Patient Testimonials

  1. Thank you to everyone at Active Life. I received wonderful treatment & am grateful for you expertise & care. I am pain free for the first time in over two years. My back feels young again. Kerwin & Lori are terrific. :-)
    Vicki Micheletto
  2. Kerwin & Cathy know what they are doing! Both take a personal interest in each and very one of their patients. When you enter the facility you are greeted with a warm smile and a big "Hello!" from Michele, the front desk, then from everyone else. Lori's massages are to die for! I just can't say enough about how wonderful my time at Active Life PT has been. I've improved sooo much in my flexibility, balance, strength and overall well being. I would recommend Active Life PT to anyone who needs some Physical Therapy as well as Tender Loving Care! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Charlotte Striplin
  3. I have come for 28 visits. Can really tell the difference in my back and knees and hips. Before it hurt to bend down or walk for a long period of time. The people are so great and friendly. Would come back if it becomes necessary. Thank you for all the help.
    Lynette Taylor
  4. To Cathy & Kerwin Custodio - Active Life Thank you so much for your work with me. You helped me and continued to listen to my needs. The exercises you provided me changed my life I am so grateful for the therapy. I am still following the exercise instructions daily.
    Joyce Green
  5. Thanks Kerwin & Cathy for all your knowledge, help and encouragement. You worked with me so patiently with such sweet caring concern. Kerwin you heard my when I had concerns and set me on the right track with just the referral I needed to get to the root of my pain. You do great work! Keep up what your doing. May God bless greatly all that you do.
  6. Kerwin & Cathy, Thank you for your efforts in helping me to feel better just in time to enjoy Christmas with family and friends. I am looking forward to a healthier New Year thanks to your skills and patience. I am so grateful to have been referred to your office. Merry Christmas to you and your staff.
    J. Panos
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    Jennifer Fields
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    Paul Christian
Active Life Physical Therapy is very helful and understanding. They helped my flexibility and my overall strength. In fact, I lost about 20lbs during the course of my treatment. Thank you, 

Steven M.​
My experience at Active Life has been very rewarding. 
Did I get up early? Yes.
Did I work hard? Yes.
Would I do this again? Yes.
Strengthening my core will continue to improve my likfe health. Thanks to all staff members at Active Life.

J. Shepherd
Kerwin & Cathy have been awesome in helping me with my knee pain. Very professional and thorough therapists. When I first came here I had pain complaint in my knee every day but after 3-4 months of regular sessions with them I am doing 99% better and the pain is almost gone. I would recommend them and their practice to everyoneEven the PT techs are very friendly and helpful. They keep an eye on you while you perform your exercises which I did not see at any other practices. 

H. Saboowala
Active Life Physical Therapy has been so amazing. From the moment I came in with pain they knew exactly what to do. They helped solve my problem so I could function the way I was supposed to. If I or my family has a need in the future, we will come back to them. They take time and listen to their patients.

Enjoyed every moment. Very patient with me. Learned what I needed to do for my balance and strength. Thank you for everthything!
91 years young!

T. Kepner
Top notch support and care from the people of Active Life PT. Both Kerwin and Leslie were magical in helping me recover from my PCL injury, gave me great tips and ideas moving foward to continue to get better.

C. Hunt
Thank you to the Active Life team!! Encouraging, professional, fun and they get results! It was always a positive experience when I showed up and I now feel empowered to keep doing what I need to do. Each person here knows what to do and work together like a well-oiled machine giving attention, answering questions and gliding each patient to achieve success. Inspiring!! While I'm glad I'm better, I will miss the comradery and "friendship". And I love the music!! Warmest regards, 

J. Kent
It has been a pleasure visiting Active Life! I've been treated with great care and kindness and have grown foundness for everyone here. I feel better, but I still have a little pain in my neck.

I am very pleased with my physical therapy at Active Life. Everyone has always been very couteous, friendly and professional. Kerwin and Cathy have done an excellent job of assessing the type of treatment necessary for my needs and I feel I have accomplished my goal of reducing my pain and have established a fitness routine that I can continue with. 
Thank you Kerwin, Cathy, Katherine, Leslie & Michelle!

Martha, W.
Dear Cathy, Leslie, Kerwin,
Thank you for all your help and also for being patient with me because I am always late. Yall are a great team and should continue to do what you do because it looks like yall like to help people. Thank you for making me laugh because that definitely helped. It was fun coming here even if I had to wake up early. I am going to miss you all the most!!

S. Martinez

Got more than I expected in Therapy, literally Kerwin is far superior and knowledgeable than anyone previously. Highly recommend him as the best I can imagine. Great improvement for me in a short period of time. Extremely happy with results for pains I have had for years.

C. Park

I have enjoyed doing my PT here, everyone is so helpful and explained what each of the machines would do to improve my back and balance. They also gave me a worksheet showing exercises I could do at home to aid in my recovery. I want to thank everyone for their work and dedication. Thanks,


Active Life is a wonderful place to go to when you are recovering from any injury. They are a wonderful group of people that will do their best to get you back to what you love to do. 
(Five star review)
Harley, B.

Dearest Kerwin and Team,
While you stuck me with many needles and gave me hard exercises, you did always serenade us with groovy music and helped me get much better. Thank you friend for listening, helping and giving me my active life back!

I want to thank the team at Active Life. I was treated for nerve damage in my neck, while not 100% after 7 weeks, I feel worlds different. I was give the tools to improve my work and recreational lifestyles. I would recomment Active Life to anyone nedding P.T. ! Thank you, 

Gabriel, G. 
Kerwin & Cathy - Kat & Leslie & Michelle too,
I really do appreciate all the help you have given me on my shoulder these past months. I couldn't have done it without you. You both have become great friends as well. (Thanks for the flowers)

M. B. Carpenter
I enjoyed being here living with no pain on my lower back. I walked in with lots of pain and on my right leg all the way down to my foot. Now thanks to all the staff here taught me how to maintain pain free which it feels so good also I was given some home exercise program to keep doing to prevent my pain to come back. I want to thank every staff member for making me comfortable and showing me the right way to do the therapy. Thank you very much, sincerely yours,

Robert, V.

There is so much to say about the folks at Active Life. Kerwin, catherine and all their staff made therapy so much fun, well as much fun as one can have doing painful stretching. We always had somethings to laugh about thereby keeping our minds off the stretching--all while maintaining a professional atmosphere. I can actually say that I will miss my weekly sessions! Oh, btw I had complete shoulder replacement and I have ~98% rotation in 3 different planes. Thanks guys, 
Roy G.
This is quite a year and I thank you all for the great and rewarding therapy I recieved over several months. I now walk without a walker or cane and I also did everything at my home to get ready for the holidays. You are an asset to the Physical Therapy profession. God bless you all.

  Sue Panos

I have been with Active Life PT for four months after my neighbor reccomended me to go here. Everyone here is wonderfull and I consider them good friends. They are wonderful and I will missed them. They are knowledgeable,gentle and polite. I recommed them to anyone who needs physical therapy.

Carmelita R.
A great experience. A quality team devoted to improving their patients. 

Thank you Cathy for helping the pain in my back. It was a very good experience.

K. Rolaud
Everyone was very nice . I feel so much better. Enjoyed every treatment.

 Shellie, B.
Everyone here is always cheerful and supportive of our efforts. This is a great group.

L. J. Belford 

Very friendly and helpful staff. They treat you with respect and are encouraging all along the way. I would not hesitate to recommend Active Life. Thanks for the help.

Dan C.
Kerwin is "un senor muy chistoso". Good customer service skills- great attitude - always happy in his job. I enjoyed the physical therapy - all staff wonderful and kind. Thank you so very much.

A. Franklin

The whole staff was excellent. Everybody was so attentive to my needs and it was so neat to meet everyone/ I'm well on my way to a stronger knee and I've been given the tools to use to know how to  exercise & stretch to benefit my knee. Thank you so much.

Sheri Nevil
I LOVE THE ACTIVE LIFE TEAM! They helped me not once, but twice. Extremely grateful to have been a patient and have them by my side on the road to recovery. Thanks for everything and best wishes to everyone. 

Johnny T.

Who knew that the phrase "No BLT" would be a direct component to my physiological well being? No Bending, Lifting or Twisting, coupled with lunges, stretching and squeezing! Happy to say it all worked perfectly. Thank you Active Life Physical Therapy!

K. Megison

​Kerwin, Cathy and Kat,
Thanks for your Help. Great job.

G. Mckay

I highly recommend the physical training that I experienced at Active Life. Thier are much courtesy and carring. I have continued with the wellness training I love being in a loving,carring atmosphere and hope to continue for a long time.My strength has increased very much.

Linda Hensel 
Active Life PT has given me exercises with movements to relieve my painso I can comfortable go about my life! Wonderfull,caring, and devoted people who will individualize your treatment. 

Sherry G.
Active Life has helped me get over a sacro-iliac strain, low back pain, greatly improved my balance and posture. I am planning to sigh up for their wellness program so I can maintain my new found physical health. I strongly recommend Active Life to help people achieve and maintain a good quality of life. 

D. Levene
My experience at Active Life was the best care I have ever had, they really care about each patient and take the time to tend to your every needs. I would recommend them to anyone.

Youngblood, K.

My experience with Active Life has been very rewarding. When I started I was having balance problems but that has been mostly corrected and I was so thankful and pleased. Maybe it's because I have such positive poeple helping me. 

M. Marlar

I have enjoyed my time in rehab. Staff is very professional but very personable.I look for my weekly visits. I notice a definite improvement in my overall health.

W. Baker

I want to take this  opportunity  to thank you both for all that you have done for me. The exercises you gave me for my back really help....I just have to remember to do them plus all you did  to make the Bells Palsy go away faster was a blessing.I was so greatfull that you knew what to do and had the time to do it. If , or when I need a Physical Therapist again you will be my very first call. You both so good at what you do that you make the work seem like fun. 

S. Miller 
The PT session and continued visithave made a great difference in my overall wellness. My balance is improved so that there is less chance of falling!
The people here are so supportive that they are like a family!
I plan to keep coming in!

C. Kovacs

I have been a patient of Active Life PT in Mckinney Tx in recent months and highly recommend this group to anyone needing individual therapy, whether due to injury age or general well being. 
I am 89 years young and have been treated by everyone in the office at family. I have witnessed that they treat everyone the same take the care and treatment of all clients as top priority and focus on individual needs. 
My experience has definitely been positive. I would suggest this group to anyone and if the need arises for me to need additional therapy, I would request Active Life PT.

Ava Cave
Our experience with Active Life PT has been nothing but good are better said great! John came in barely walking after his rehab in the hospital and home care therapy due to a broken leg and other knee issues. After weeks with Kerwin and Cathy, he has been very much improved. His balance is good, his knee looks so much better as well as his physical attitude.
From past experience myself,we would not go anywhere else for physical therapy.Everyone working in this office is friendly, helpful and outstanding. 

John and Tina Kula

I find the help for my aches and pain strengthening my arms and legs. Also helping with my balance. The welcome of the staff and help and support; meeting friendly people with the same problems I have. 
I have noticed an improvement in my health. 

B. Rohle
I look forward to Tuesday and Thursday! Rehab help me so much! I recommend to all seniors. We find everyone so helpful. We also find companionship and friendly people. There is a good variety of machines to work with. Keeps me moving!

G. Rohle

When I found out that I needed to come back to PT after my neck injection, I ask them to come to your facility as I had such good luck after being here for a back issue a couple of years a ago. And I am so glad I did as I did not take long for my arm and back pain to be gone. This is definitely my "HAPPY PLACE"!!!
Anytime I have questions or need more physical therapy,I will be back. Thank you so much to everyone here- you are all so  NICE!!! 

Beth Domke
Active Life Physical Therapy is the best therapy location I have ever been with. They are very caring and know their business. They are very good and very welcoming. I am happy to know them. I appreciate their time and knowledge. 


After an injury to one knee from a very hard fall,I realized that I needed help with the pain I was experiencing . My primary care physician referred me to Active Life Physical Therapy for treatment to the injury. With the regimen I have recieved at Active Life. I have been able to resume my normal activity free of pain. I appreciated the patience Cathy and Kerwin have shown during my treatment. 

Sarah K.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience that I recieved from Active Life PT. They spent more time with treatment (one on one ) and focus to my recovery.  My Life change and they open my prospective in life changing how  to manage my health. I will recommend Active Life Physical Therapy.


My experience at Active Life has been wonderful. Everyone is so professional and caring. I will recommend anyone highly. I will miss all of you, and will drop by occasionally just to say hello!

Dorothy Cooper
Thank you to all the staff. It has been a wonderful experience working with you. I feel so much better and am  excited about starting the Wellness part. I will recommend you to anybody who needs therapy. Thank you so much!

Sharon R.

Thank you to the entire staff for all of the outstanding physical therapy! Y'all are a lot of fun people who push you every time to make a huge difference. Thanks for all of the wonderful support during my knee recovery.

​Sandy Oberbillig
I have come for 7 visits. I am very glad to come here because I find that Kerwin workds very good, and he following my treatment. P.T. are very friendly and have good relationship with patients. I recommend Active Life Physical Therapy to all my friends. Thank you so much.

​Mohammad M.

When I started here my biggest issue was my very poor balance--I had fallen a couple of times, once breaking 4 ribs. Their therapy has been very effective & although I still have some balance difficulties, overall I have noticed improvement. Both Kerwin & Cathy are very good to work with. 

Jim Parker
I've been a patient at Active Life for a couple of months now. I have never had or seen this much improvement in a knee injury before. I was in severe pain, and barely had any movement in my knee before coming here. Mr. and Mrs. Custodio have helped me out a lot, and they always find a way to make me laugh when I'm feeling down or when I used to be in pain. They are amazing and caring Physical Therapists. I've been to plenty of doctors, and none of them have cared for their patients as much as they do. I recommend them to anyone I know that can guarantee that they will be better, and have a smile on their face in no time. I can not express how thankful I am for them.

Clareece Greene

I have had physical therapy before in other places, It was effective--but this place is not only effective but I feel like I'm working with family. What a wonderful environment. Truly caring. I like the way they advise me on how to adjust my activites so that I can still enjoy life. Love you guys!

​Cathy Saari
I am extremely grateful to Active Life Physical Therapy! The care I received was so beneficial. Their knowledge base coupled with their compassion was tremendously encouraging and effective. I not only experienced this "complete care" personally, but I saw it given continuously to all of their clients as well. Many thanks for all you do!! 

Christie Graham

I've been searching for a good exercise program that would help me get the cardio workout I needed. Active Life has been the best answer to my needs. We started with therapy to strengthen my "core". I had no idea it would make such a difference in my life. I now have a wellness routine that has been designed to challenge me and motivate me. I can actually say that this exercise program excites me!

Diane K.
Thank you for you professionalism, excellent instruction, and patience with me. I feel that the therapy I did was the principal reason for my recovery. Your work space was well-maintained for both cleanliness and good repair of your equipment. I would have no qualms about recommending this facility.  You all have always been cheerful and accomodating. Many thanks,

Susan C.

Thank you! I have enjoyed coming to physical therapy. Everyone was nice and friendly and willing to put up with me! Thank you again to a great team.

Amy B.
Kerwin, Cathy, Michelle, Lori and Leslie,

Thank you P.T. staff- my leg weakness had stopped me from functioning and enjoying life. My mind had followed suit. You have strengthened my body and mind with exercise, great music, and personal encouragement. I'm off to the mountain! 

Karen Slagel

Kerwin & Cathy are very kind and knowledgable physical therapists. Kerwin helped me so much for my balancing issues. Thank you for all of our help.

​Linda Conrad
I was diagnosed with bursitis in my hip and came to see Cathy and Kerwin. They sent me through a series of exercises  and stretches, and I'm happy to say my hip was completely recovered. They made recovery a fun experience too! I recommend them!

Larry Lanning

To Cathy and Kerwin and the PT staff, 
I, Margerie Broudy have really enjoyed the pleasentness of the staff and the professionalism. Even though the pain I felt was observed and well taken care of, I have increased my mobility with your help. Thank you so much and I would like to try and come back to your Wellness Program. God Bless You All.

​Margerie Broudy
Hi everyone who has walked through these doors with pain and have gone without the pain, smiles and health are greeting you and are in all who work here. Thanks,

​Claudio Muentes

I appreciate all that everyone has done for me during therapy! It has really improved my pain level and life in general. I really had a great time coming to every session, as well. Everyone at Active Life is so sweet and helpful, which really helps with therapy sessions and wanting to keep coming back! Thank you for all y'all have done for me!

Krystyna Tajnert
I never thought I'd see the day, but I can finally run again. My ankle has been healing from a fracture for months now, and physical therapy has helped my progress tremendously. I couldn't have gotten through it without them.

Jack Porter
When I tore my ACL everyone kept telling me how physical therapy was going to be the worst part. Overall the surgery and recovering and that is not true! With Kerwin and Active Life I recovered quickly and easily with their help and positivity! They definetly know what they are doing and are really great people. Do not fear physical therapy! I'm going to miss it now that i'm healed and able to play soccer again. Thank you so much!

Kara Hargrove
Thank you!
Everyone at Active Life, thank you so much. You have helped me through the entire process, put up with my groans and whines and pushed me towards recovery! I wouldn't be able to walk out of here without all of you!

Once again, thank you Kerwin, Cathy, Leslie, Michelle, Rebecca! 

Michael Barton
Thanks for everythingActive Life staff! I'm no longer crippled anymore!
P.S. Kerwin stop hurting people, See you in December! Love, 

Johhny Tran
I thoroughly enhoyed my experience at Active Life. Both Lerwin and Cathy made it so pleasnt. I came in with a knee injury and Kerwin worked on my knee prior to surgery to get strenth and after surgery we worked to get ROM and strength back. I would recommend Active Life to anyone.

Marsha Andersen

Great! No more hand pedaling! Push me, pull me, make me moan and groan. But, best of all you've made it possible for me to move again! Now it's time for me to continue on my own to reach 100% revoery and get back to enjoying the things I love doing. Thank you Active Life, you are great

Bob Carroll

I really feel that the therapy here was very helpful and everyone was concerned about my condition and kind and patient. I have recommended Active Life to others.

Sandy Becker

I came in with a shoulder injury and doubt. Kerwin was informative, paitient, and creative with how he worked that injury. He showed me a few other opportunities to increase flexibility and strength. I didn't realize just how vital physical therapy is to overall weakness. Now I know!! Thanks Kerwin for being a champion at what you do!! Whatever you do, keep moving!

Ernie D. Seay

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You have made me feel so good now.

Houri, D.

My physical therapy was great! not only did they treat my tendonosis, They showed me many exercises to imporve my overall condition. Great staff!

Beauston, W.
My experience has been very good and healing. Cathy, Kerwin and Kat are amazing people-- and I looked forward to going to sessions. If I need therapy again I will come to them again. Thank you!

Barbara T. 
Everyone at Active Life has been very kind, helpful and professional. They have contributed to significant progress in my recovery from a painful frozen shoulder. Overall my experience has been very positive. I woul d recommend Active Life enthusiastically to my friends and family. 

Kathy, B.
Wow! I never thought that therapy for a medical condition could be so much fun. Never a dull moment during any of the sessions. The therapists and staff were super. They always showed an interest in my success. The exercises were tailored to my needs and they met my expectations. My major goal was to have the swelling go down in my knee and that was accomplished. And I learned some great techniques that U can use at home. Uf U need treatments in the future, Active Life Physical Therapy is my choice for care. 

Shirley W.
I offer my unreserved recommendation for Kerwin and Cathy at Active Life. They are friendly and professional and their services and facility are top notch. Following my rotator cuff surgery I anticipated pain and difficulty with physical therapist pushing me to my limits, but the therapy instead was pain free and pleasant. My many thanks,

Paul H.

Thank you for all of the great care you have given me. I appreciate the attention by everyone here, I have never had such a great care before. Hopefully I will not have to come back soon  & I highly recommend the service here!! Regards, 

L. Dubea

I have been very please with the physical therapy I have recieve at Active Life. All the people were very attentive and skilled at their profession. I would highly recommend them for any therapy you need.

J. Mayers
The whole team is amazing and works really hard to make sure that everyone pushses themselves, but at a good pace. Thank you for helping with my recovery! I cannot wait to go back to basketball feeling better than ever. Thank you!

A. Ruble
Active Life is a great place. Met my goals over time. Wonderful, friendly people. I would recommend Active Life to anyone who needs therapy. I thought I needed surgery but therapy has taken care of the problem. 
Thank you so much,

D. Long

Thanks for working with me over the last two months. My back is so much better, I feel like I can do most anything.

I had an absolutely amazing experience here at Active Life Physical Therapy. From start to finish the staff always had a positive attitude. They always let you go at your own pace and never rush you. I will truly miss everyone here. Thank you for helping me throughout my journey!

M. Medrano
I have ben very pleased with Active physical therapy. Everyone here was very helpful and professional. Overall my experience has been very positive, I would recommend this place to my friends and family.

Y. Shrestra
Thank you so so much to Active Life team for making me feel better and special always. This is the first physical therapy place I really enjoy and always look forward to coming. Special thanks to Cathy. 
T. Patel
Thank you very much for all that you did for me. I loved coming to therapy because everyone always had such a positive attitude and smile. I enjoyed everyone and working with all the different equipment. The therapy has definitely helped my situation and I am very thankful to you all. I will miss coming cause everyone treated me like family. I recommend Active Life to anyone that needs physical Therapy. 

G. Kieffer
The employees and owners are very attentive to your needs. They are caring and really consider your well being. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Sonja, J.
Thank you all so much!! This PT has helped me tremondously. Thank you for your kindness, care and help.

S. Lopez

Kerwin, Cathy, Kat, Leslie, and Michelle,
 Thank you so much for you help with my therapy. Kerwin's help has made my life so much more comfortable, enabling me to continue biking and walking without pain. I'll continue to do the exercises I learned from him. Though I didn't work directly with Cathy, she always had a smile and is so pleasent. Kat & Leslie both took care of monitoring my workouts, and both of them are so kind and helpful. Michelles' warm smile and welcome started every visit. I'm grateful to all of you. Thanks,

R. Micheletto

First I broke my hip. Active Life was recommended and I was so glad. Cathy helped me back to almost good as new. She told me what to do and why so that I could get better. Then six months later I fell on my good leg and messed up my knee. After knee surgery I requested "Active Life". I thought Cathy would help me like she did before. To my surprise Kerwin helped me back to no pain. On my first visit he impressed me so much. I had a list of five things the surgeon id in surgery. He explained the whole process. Cathy and Kerwin are pleasant and knowledgeable people in my time of need.

 E. Smith
I want to let everyone know that they have been very helpful and friendly. I learned so much from these girls especially Cathy, my PT. It was a long drive from Dallas but well worth the trip to come here. I would recommend anyone to come here if they need it.

M. McDaniel
Very happy with my eperience at Active Lif. Kerwin and staff were extremely nice, polite and knowledgeable which made therapy fun!!
Thank you,